Monday, September 6, 2010

Western gates again...22, 16, 11, and 10.

Black throated Blue Warbler, Gate 16, September 6, 2010
Another trip up the west side of Quabbin this morning brought more good sightings. Its alwasy interesting to see how the diversity and numbers change from day to day. I started at daybreak at Gate 22 and then onto Gate 16, 11 and 10 finishing up around noon. I found a male Wilson's Warbler at Gate 16 and a few mixed species flocks at various spots. I managed a total of 13 species of warblers . Besides the Wilson's Warbler I had Canada, Chestnut sided, Black throated Blue, Black throated Green, Pine, Yellow rumped, Black and White, and Magnolia Warblers and American Redstart, Common Yellowthroat, Ovenbird and Northern Parula.

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