Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Arcadia meadows, Mount Tom and Lawrence Swamp

Black throated Green Warbler, from Goats Peak tower at Mt Tom State Reservation

Common Yellowthroat, Arcadia Meadows, Northampton, MA

I decided at the last minute to head over to Northampton this morning and check out Arcadia Meadows (AKA West Meadows) and then head up to Goats Peak at Mount Tom for some hawk watching. As I got into Hadley the fog got very thick and I thought I may have made a mistake on the choice of locations this morning but it turned out to be a great morning. Despite the fog the Arcadia area near the Ibis Pool and other hedgerows was great. Lots of good stuff and some incredible looks. I had a surprising total of four Yellow Warblers here plus a Tennessee and Prairie. After a great beginning to the morning I headed up to Goats Peak tower. I had some nice movement of warblers on the way up with one group containing a Bay Breasted and several Blackpolls plus others. On the tower I had a few more groups move through during the morning. It is always interesting to be looking down on the warblers. Overall seventeen species of warblers made for a great day with the following seen Black thoated Blue, Black throated Green, Black and White, Bay breasted, Blackpoll, Tennessee, Yellow, Nashville, Prairie, Magnolia, Chestnut sided, Pine, Yellow rumped, Ovenbird, American Redstart, Northern Parula and Common Yellowthroat

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