Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April warblers

Black and White Warbler, Covey WMA, Apr 30, 2013
Blue winged Warbler, Covey WMA, Apr 30, 2013
Yellow rumped Warbler, Covey WMA, Apr 30, 2013
American Redstart, Quabbin Park, Apr 30, 2013
A quick update as April comes to a close and the influx of warblers really ramps up. So far for the year here in Massachusetts I have had a total of 16 species of warbler including four more species first seen today-Blue winged and Prairie Warbler, Ovenbird and American Redstart.  There are several more species to go even without something odd showing up plus the overall numbers should really increase too over the next few weeks.  Bring them on!

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