Monday, April 22, 2013

An unusual Pine Warbler and update of migration so far

Pine Warbler with unusual markings, Quabbin Park, Apr 22, 2013
Among the warblers I ran across today was an odd Pine Warbler with a complete black necklace similar to what you found find on a Canada Warbler.  The bird was at Quabbin Park and I managed a few digiscoped photos of the individual.

As an update to warbler migration so far this season I will mention what has been seen so far and compare it to last year.  During March last year I had three species of warbler but had none at all this March.  So far this year, as of today, I have five species of warbler including Pine, Palm, Black and White and Yellow-rumped Warbler as well as Louisiana Waterthrush.  On the same date last year I already had seven species.  The warbler migration should pick up quite a bit over the next few weeks with dozens of species arriving.

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