Friday, September 9, 2016

Yellow breasted Chat and Connecticut Warbler at Arcadia (and others too)

Yellow breasted Chat, Arcadia, Northampton, MA, Sep 9, 2016
Yellow breasted Chat, Arcadia, Northampton, MA, Sep 9, 2016
Connecticut Warbler (yes really), Arcadia, Northampton, MA, Sep 9, 2016
Common Yellowthroat, Arcadia, Northampton, MA, Sep 9, 2016
Palm Warbler (western), Arcadia, Northampton, MA, Sep 9, 2016
Magnolia Warbler, Arcadia, Northampton, MA, Sep 9, 2016

I spent a few hours at Arcadia this morning and as I was walking down the trolley line I had a Yellow breasted Chat briefly pop into view. After several minutes of looking and trying to get this notoriously skulking species to pop back out I had it call once. I then got another view of it as it sat behind some vegetation and I fired off several shots with the camera before it dropped from view once again. As I dropped the camera down and looked back up two more birds showed up at eye level just a few feet from where the chat had was a Common Yellowthroat but the other was an adult male Connecticut Warbler!  The Connecticut Warbler was partially hidden from view but I got great views of it in the binoculars. My attempt at photos was less successful and I got just a few blurry shots of a gray and yellow bird. I would have been happy to get either one of these species today but getting them both one right after the other was great. Two rare warblers within just a few feet of each other...good stuff. The Yellow breasted Chat can be very tough to find in the county and this is only my third record (the other records for me occurred on Sep 9, 2014 and Sep 21, 2005). Oddly all three of my sightings of this species have occurred within a quarter mile or less of each other at Arcadia.

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