Saturday, March 24, 2012

Palm Warbler at March.

Yet another very early warbler arrival this evening as I came across a Palm Warbler here at home.  Initially heard as I walked the dog for his evening walk.  I had no binoculars or camera with me but I kept hearing the bird chip and it came into a tree perhaps 10 feet away, providing great naked eye looks.  It was a male with a continuously pumping tail.  It was seen at 6:35 along Jabish Brook and then moved down the stream out of view and I continued with my walk.  I then heard it chip a few more times before I headed back to the house to get my camera.  Despite much effort I was unable to relocate and get a photo.  The number of Pine Warblers has grown quite a bit in the last week and they seemed to be present at every location I stopped at today.  The Pine Warbler at the house sang on and off all day long.

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