Sunday, October 9, 2011

early October warblers

Cape May Warbler, Quabbin, MA, Oct 9, 2011

Cape May Warbler, Quabbin, MA, Oct 9, 2011

The days of double digits warbler species counts are all finished here in Massachusetts.  Soon it will be tough to find any warblers beyond the late staying yellow rumps.  With that said I had a very nice day for warblers today.  I spent the morning in the central part of Quabbin and found a nice collection of warblers for the 9th day of October.  The weather started cool in the upper 40's but quickly warmed to a record setting mid 80's high.  The surprise warbler of the day was an adult male Cape May in a mixed species flock.  There were a total of  eight species with the vast majority being Yellow-rumped Warblers.  The other species seen included Northern Parula, Common Yellowthroat, Palm, Blackpoll, Pine and Black throated Blue Warblers.

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