Monday, June 21, 2010

Updates on some previous posts

Over the last few days I have checked on a few particular warblers I had been watching. The American Redstarts in the last few posts have fledged. I managed to find one fledgling being fed by an adult nearby. The Cerulean Warbler has not been heard by me at Quabbin Park in few weeks now. It either moved on or found a mate and has quieted down. I admit I have not been by there enough to be sure or exactly what the outcome has been. In addition I missed on finding the Cerulean that had nested for a few years at central Quabbin. Again I have not been to the area enough (due to storm downed trees). Overall the breeding season for warblers is moving right along with lots of adults carrying food or still building nests and some fledglings out and about.

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