Friday, May 14, 2010

Trip to Ohio for warblers

Cape May Warbler, Magee Marsh

I just arrived back after a quick trip out to northwestern Ohio. It was a great trip despite the less than ideal weather conditions. I visited the famous Magee Marsh area as well as a couple other nearby areas such as Ottawa NWR and Metzger Marsh. I ended with 26 species of warblers. It looks like I missed a really big day out there by one day but I'm still happy with my trip. Highlights included Mourning, Golden winged, Cape May, Bay Breasted, Wilson's, Canada, Blackburnian, etc. I will post photos over the next few weeks. I post one for now.


  1. Gorgeous Cape May Warbler! You were lucky to get such a nice, close shot!

  2. Thanks. It took alot of trying to get the 'right' shot. The fun of trying to photograph warblers!